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      Home > Full Electric Stacker > 1.2-1.5T Counterbalance Full Electric Stacker
      1.2-1.5T Counterbalance Full Electric Stacker
      Capacity : 1200/1500kg
      Lifting height : 3270/3200mm
      Load center : 500mm
      Turning radius : 1535/1715mm



      1.The innovative AC system offers strong power, accurate control, excellent performance.
      2.High strength vertical gearbox, longer working lift.
      3.Low-noise but durable hydraulic unit, good quality cylinder as well as hose ensure the high reliability of hydraulic system.
      4.AMP connecter electric wires and cables, greatly reducing electric parts failure rate.
      5.High strengh chassis enhances the reliability and durability of the truck.
      6.Standard and controller montoring the tilt speed smoothly and ensures safe performance.
      7.eavy duty load wheel ensures stability.
      8.Compact design with small turning radius requirements.
      1.Safe hydraulic system design prevents mast from falling down abruptly when hydraulic pipeline cuts off.
      2.Emergency reverse belly button protects the operator from getting hurt.
      3.Emergency disconnector will cut off power source to avoid accident when truck goes out of control.
      4.Multiple lifting limit protection ensures safety.
      5.Automatic switch to lower speed when the fork reaches its setting height.
      6.Anti-rolling back brake keeps the truck from skidding down when truck is out of control or travelling on ramp.
      7.Dual-monitoring power steering
      1.With the new design of ergonomical tiller head, all buttons can be reached conveniently & comfortably.
      2.Foldable platform reduces vibration which makes operator feel more comfortable.
      3.When platform folded, truck can work at low speed in smaller space.
      4.Adjustable forks, suitable for complicated pallets or cargos.
      5.Tilting as standard configuration, make operation easier.
      6.Side-open battery design for easy battery replacement and various applications.
      7.Electric power steering, smooth & comfortable (EPS)
      1.AC traction motor, maintenance free.
      2.Hour meter and battery indicator remind the operator to recharge the battery.
      3.Easily remove the back cover by only loosing two bolts; Access to all key components for inspection, mantenance and replacement.
      4.Press-on load wheel reduces the maintenance cost.
      5.Vertical motor makes the inspection & service much more convenient.
      6.Mast and chassis are assembled together, easy for maintenance.
      7.Low voltage cut off setting protects batteries.
      Counterbalance Stackers, Better for Non-standardized Pallets.
      Electric Steering System Makes the Operations Much Easier.
      Model designation
      ESB12 ESB15
      Drive unit
      Electrics Electrics
      Operator type
      Pedestrian Standing
      Rated capacity kg 1200 1500
      Load center distance mm 500 600
      Load distance, centre of drive axle to fork mm 208 215
      Wheelbase mm 1244 1355
      Service weight (include battery) kg 1860 2420
      Axle loading, laden driving side/loading side kg 375/2685 510/3410
      Axle loading, unladen driving side/loading side kg 1060/800 1430/990
      Tyre type, driving wheels/loading wheels
      pu/pu pu/pu
      Tyre size, driving wheels (diameter x width) mm ?230x75 ?260x105
      Tyre size, loading wheels (diameter x width) mm ?254x102 ?254x102
      Wheels, number driving, caster/loading (x=drive wheels) mm 1x 0 / 2 1x 0 / 2
      Track width, front, driving side mm 787 787
      Tilt of mast/fork carriage forward/backward 1.5/6 1.5/6
      Height, mast lowered mm 2110 2118
      Free lift mm 150 150
      Lift height mm 3270 3200
      Height, mast extended mm 4185 4115
      Height drawbar in driving position min./max. mm 1013/1402 1013/1402
      Height of wheel arms mm 282 282
      Lowed height mm 60 60
      Overall length mm 2808 2985
      Length to face of forks mm 1738 1915
      Overall width mm 850/900 850/900
      Fork dimensions mm 40/100/1070 40/100/1070
      Fork carriage width mm 800 800
      Distance between fork-arms mm 200-760 200-760
      Ground clearance, laden, below mast mm 78 78
      Ground clearance, center of wheelbase mm 70 70
      Aisle width for pallet 1000 x 1200 crossways mm 3085 3270
      Aisle width for pallet 800 x 1200 lengthways mm 3200 3385
      Turning radius mm 1535 1715
      Travel speed, laden/unladen km/h 5.5/6.0 4.65
      Lifting speed, laden/unladen m/s 0.127/0.23 0.12/0.17
      Lowering speed, laden/unladen m/s 0.26/0.2 0.13/0.1
      Max. gradeability, laden/unladen % 5.0/8.0 5.0/8.0
      Service brake type
      Electromagnetic Electromagnetic
      Drive motor rating S2 60 min kW 1.5 4
      Lift motor rating at S3 15% kW 2.2 3
      The maximun allowed size battery mm 810/230/open 810/230/open
      Battery voltage/nominal capacity K5 V/Ah 24/210 24/360
      Battery weight kg 190 320
      Type of drive unit
      AC AC
      Steering type
      Electronic Electronic
      Sound pressure level at the driver's ear
      74 74

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